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Nanjing Metro Line S8 Special Communication system integration Project

This is the 5th metro line in Nanjing, the maximum velocity is 120km/h, it is the fastest metro in China, and successful served for 2014 Youth Olympic Game.

Kenya Railway Communication System Integration project

It is the first railway after Kenya independent, and also is the first abroad railway with all Chinese standards, technology, and equipment, In the future, this railway will connect Kenya with Tan…

Angola Railway Training Center Communication System Integration Project

JIaxun completed the whole project process from integrated planning, surrey and design, engineering construction, equipment/system supply,, installation and test, training scheme and teaching. the…

Nigeria Abuja Mass Rail Transit Communication System Integration Project

It is the 1st rail transit in West Africa, adopt all Chinese standard and equipment, it has the great importance in ‘One Belt One Road’ implementation and Africa rail transit modernization constru…

Turkmenistan Ashgabat- Turkmenbashi railway project

Till now, the total Turkmenistan railway length is over 3600km, the operation line is up to 3060km without electrification railway. Among the operation line, 4 is built before the independent day …

Mongolia Yeruu iron mine project

The length for the Yeruu railway in Mongolia is 83km, which is constructed dedicated for the transportation of iron ore. Till now this railway is the highest standard. The Yeruu iron mine railway …

Cuba Havana-Santiago Railway Dispatch Project

Havana-Santiago Railway plays important role in the Cuba railway network. The length of the line is 830km. In 2003 the railway is renovated, the speed increase from 100km/h to 130 km/h. With the e…

Nigeria Railways Interval Optical Communication System Project

Nigeria is in western Africa, which has the most population in Africa. The Idu - Kaduna railway is one of the most important transportation paths of Nigeria. Idu is the logistic center of the capi…

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